ALMA for Micromobility

ALMA’s services can be used for scooter maintenance and rider behavior recognition in a larger system of logging and tracking. In ALMA, we deliver our services based on the interaction between rider, scooter, map, and road, using the IMU sensor.

Localization - through constant innovation and state-of-the-art technology, ALMA is committed to provide localization solutions using inertial sensors without GPS. The suggested innovation SDK can allow localizing the fleet scooters anytime, anywhere, using IMU sensor only.

Front-wheel lift detection – detect occurrences of front wheel lift which uses as input IMU and wheel speed (optional). Can be operated in real-time or offline. The detected occurrences can be related to scooter position (for example, to report exactly when and where the user lifted the front wheel).

Tire low-pressure detection – detect occurrences of tire low pressure which uses as input IMU. For example, can be activated every X minutes for a short time and rise an alert (with the scooter position) when tire pressure is low.

Riding tandem – detect unusual weight and weight distribution due to more than one rider or external loads. The service can be activated in real-time or offline to sanction the rider accordingly.

Riding surface recognition – detect when the scooter is riding on smooth asphalt or a different surface. For example, if the ride length was 10 km, we can estimate what percentage of that distance was on smooth asphalt, per user, per scooter.

Dropped and deserted electric scooter detection – detect when the scooter is dropped and if it is potentially damaged. The detected occurrences can be related to the scooter position and alert immediately to the operator.