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Location Sharing 

Create a safe and peaceful environment for you and your family with real-time location sharing. ALmapa allows you to easily know where your loved ones are at any given moment and keep track of them from anywhere.

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First version available 

We Are All On The Same Map

Staying always connected with the entire family and relatives. Creating a sense of security and peace.

Real-time notifications


Real-time alerts according to the area where your loved ones are located. Receive an update once a family member is in a danger area.

Real-time location
of your children

Stay Connected

Monitor your children's location and activities continuously at any given moment. Allow them to view your location as well, enhancing the sense of security and peace of mind for your family.

Viewing Activities

Live Tracking

Share with your loved ones the start and end of sports activities, trips, arrivals at destinations, whether you're alone or with others, on the way home or to work, and more.

Closed Group

Your Familiy

Create closed and secure groups only for you and your family. Rest assured that everything is fine even when you are apart.

Stay Connected

Emergency Alerts 

Get updates about your loved ones when they are in risky zones

Motion Detection Inside A Building Without GPS

Sharing activities of participants using motion sensors within the phone

Location Sharing

Share real-time location with your loved ones, allowing parents to track their children and more

Calmness.Peace. Security.

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Allow access to location data

Create your closed family circle group

Be more at ease, now you can protect and watch over them even remotely

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Download and use the app for free. Share your location with your loved ones and ensure your family's safety and peace of mind

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