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Fleet Management

Knowing the exact location, and speed of every vehicle in your fleet at all times, with or without GPS has critical implications on your business


Accurate measurement of speed and distance to measure internal KPIs


Continuous navigation without GPS in tunnels, rural areas, underpass, parking lots


Accurate Dispatch based on true location

ALMA Benefits for Fleet Management

  • No need to purchase any HW. Using the existing infrastructure, the ALMA SDK plugs in to the flow of the navigation system, in order to utilize data coming in from the phone's IMU sensor to give continuous exact location, speed, distance, and other metrics relevant for your fleet.

  • Reduce GPS jumps that disrupt dispaching efficiency, measurements of distance which later derive your cost structure and more. 

  • Ability to generate more revenue streams from geo-location based services and products with exact locations in places hidden from GPS 

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