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Locate yourself
Anywhere, without GPS

Discover the benefits of ALMA for your industry



ALMA's patented technology converts vibrations into accurate location, utilizing advanced AI on top of existing IMU sensors, found in every phone and car. Bringing never-before-seen continuous location, speed, distance, and more without GPS


Having a fail-proof, accurate backup for GPS creates continuous location accuracy, relevant for many use cases

ALMA for Fleet Management

Ride-hailing services, Last mile delivery, Scooter fleets, and more.

Remove your current total dependency on GPS to avoid GPS gaps that impact efficiency in dispatch, increase trip length measurements due to GPS errors, miscalculate location and more.


ALMA for Smart Buildings

Buildings and underground parking lots are often a weak spot for location awareness, using ALMA, all you need is your existing phone, no need for GPS or any additional Hardware. Now you can navigate your car to the relevant parking spot, and find your way out easily with a unique parking lot map and navigation system 

ALMA for Autonomous Vehicles

When an AV gets into a tunnel, a busy street between tall buildings, or just a remote area with GPS reception gaps, things may get tricky. Current solutions lack accuracy and do not enable smooth navigation without GPS. ALMA will integrate to the existing car sensors as well as your phone, to offer a smooth ride no matter where you are.



A different approach for accurate navigation, anywhere anytime.

Using the DIDO ALMA SDK, you can utilize existing smartphones and/or car sensors to get accurate location readings, speeds and more based on our patented AI algorithms

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