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Transforming Motion Sensing

for GPS-Free Localization

Get more value from your existing sensors, by utilizing Deep Learning.


ALMA's SDK breaks GPS boundaries, employing AI to convert vibration data into precise motion-sensing functions through a fusion of real-time signal processing and cutting-edge deep learning.


A different approach for accurate positioning, and other motion quantities, anywhere anytime.

How we move

Detect and identify

specific motion patterns

When we move

Detect the exact moment when your phone is used inside a vehicle

Where we move

Track the vehicle’s

trajectory without GPS

Industries and Use Cases

Get more value from your existing sensors,

by utilizing Deep Learning. 

Here are just a few examples:

Car Positioning
Without GPS

GPS has limited availability and low accuracy in tunnels, urban canyons, underground car parks, and rural areas.  This issue affects everyone from the driver to the automotive OEMs. 

Aftermarket use cases include fleet management systems, mobility, and ride-hailing.

ALMA assists in last-mile delivery, enhances large fleets, and more.

ALMA is proud to announce our closed beta app for selected partners on Android

Get it on Google Play
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