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Virtual Sensors using Deep Learning and AI

Discover the benefits of ALMA's Virtual Sensors for your industry



ALMA is proud to announce our closed beta app for selected partners on Android

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ALMA's patented technology utilizes Deep Learning and AI, to convert vibration data into an array of virtual sensors, such as positioning, wheel velocity, bearing, driver behavior, predictive maintenance, road conditions, and more. No Hardware is required, we utilize existing IMU sensors, found in every vehicle and smartphone. 


Get more value from your existing sensors, utilizing Deep Learning and AI. 

Here are just a few examples:

ALMA Positioning Virtual Sensor

Tier 1 and OEMs can utilize their existing IMU to get accurate positioning even when GPS has a low signal, this can be in a tunnel, Urban Canyon, underground parking lot, or a rural area.

This is also great for "aftermarket" use cases for fleet management systems, mobility, ride-hailing, and more utilizing the phone's IMU, to solve last-mile delivery, manage large fleets efficiently and more.

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ALMA Speed Virtual Sensor

With an accuracy of 99.9%, ALMA can utilize the IMU sensor to assess continuous accurate speed, this can be integrated into various systems


ALMA "Driver Behavior" Virtual Sensor

ALMA utilizes its algorithms to translate the vehicle's vibrations into insights into driver behavior, we can sense possible reckless driving behaviors, and more

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ALMA "Road Conditions" Virtual Sensor

Utilizing the existing IMU can bring a lot of valuable data on road conditions. This has implications on the driving mode, and pending road type, and can be utilized by 3rd parties to address bad road conditions.


A different approach for accurate positioning, and other virtual sensors, anywhere anytime.

Using the DIDO ALMA SDK, you can utilize existing smartphones and/or car sensors to get access to an array of virtual sensors, such as location, speed, behavior, and more based on our patented AI algorithms

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